Sam Maronie is available to speak expertly on the following pop-culture topics:



Gold/Silver/Bronze-Age Comics and their Creators:  Sam is knowledgeable on these subjects from a first-hand, historical perspective. Sam has personally interviewed many of the era’s most popular artists and writers.

Photo Presentation of Comics & SF Celebrities:  Sam is available to provide a PowerPoint presentation featuring exclusive photos of science-fiction/comics creators that he has personally shot over a period of over 40 years. Among the vintage images are legendary creators Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and many, many others.



An overview of vintage, comics-oriented films of the ’30s and ’40s and ’50s. Topics discussed are the poverty-row serials, and how the characters were changed to fit the big screen. Also discussed is the coming of the 1966 Batman TV series and how it changed the landscape of comics-to-films.  Sam also examines how comic-book films demonstrate power of media merchandising and how these productions generate billions in revenue



The Studio System. A discussion of the major and minor studios of Hollywood’s golden era….their stars….their output…all the things that made them unique from one another. Much of Sam’s expertise comes from conversations over the years with various studio contract players and other studio personnel.

All The Stars in the Heavens. Sam is able to speak expertly about all the great stars from the ’20s-’50s—as well as about the many talented performers and contract players who never achieved stardom, yet remain popular among fans.

Horror Films and Horror Folk. Sam utilizes his extensive knowledge of the horror film genre, from German silents to modern-era visceral thrillers. Sam has cultivated an expertise on these topics from his years reporting for such genre titles as Starlog, Fangoria, Famous Monsters, and many other publications.