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February 8, 2016


shades 2

shades 2


It’s always a pleasure to see someone you admire greatly achieve a new level of success. I’ve known Steven S. Williams for a while and I’m excited to present his upcoming photo book, Shades of Color.

Author Williams describes his first book as a photo series of men of color, capturing the beauty, spirit, and humanity with empowering imagery.

“This book is about diversity,” Williams says, “and what we don’t see in a world of color lines. It has taken me many years and tears to bring you what I hope will begin a new trend in investing in the future of men and women of color.

“In a world that has debated race, culture, religion, and gender through my camera lens I hope to give you a glimpse of God’s beauty in Shades of Color.

steve williams


Williams is a Los Angeles-based professional photographer/publicist who has traveled the far corners of the world. His fantastic career extends into the realms of entertainment, art, charitable foundations, religion, philanthropy, as well as covering social and economic issues in Africa and America.

His portfolio is comprised of some of the world’s most celebrated luminaries from Destiny’s Child, Michael Jackson, Usher, Janet Jackson, Regina King, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Marcus Patrick, Steve Harvey to Rodney Jerkins.

For a second book, Williams should chronicle his own exciting life-adventures. I’m sure it would be a gripping page-turner.

The 216-page, full-color photography book is scheduled for an April 2016 release. There is Indiegogo account to fund this series. Be sure to check it out! Williams promises many perks and pleasures along the way.

I was the first  one to pledge! I can’t wait for it!

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