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October 19, 2013


On August 10 we lost singer Eydie Gorme, a mainstay since the early ’50s. Like Tony Bennett, who is still going strong, Gorme never succumbed to the onset of rock and roll, and reveled in the fact that she was a singer of American standards like Gershwin, Berlin and Kern.

Married to performing partner Steve Lawrence for over a half-century, the duo ultimately became legendary darlings of the over-60 set. The team came to St. Louis to perform at the venerable Fox Theatre in the 1990s, and the buzz in the city was palpable. They got the kind of local press and media excitement usually accorded to rock acts.

They met on the classic The Steve Allen Show, performed together, and eventually married in 1957. Striking out on their own, the singers never stopped working. They toured the country with their act, which consisted of good-natured married-couple banter and lots of song standards.

Eydie enjoyed several solo hits, like Blame It On the Bossa Nova, which has become a theme song for the 60s. Another hit followed, the Spanish-language song Amor. It was not only a success here, but made her a super-star of sorts in Latin countries. Among other honors, Gorme won both an Emmy and a Grammy Award.

In the ’70s and ’80s, the couple made numerous appearances on the cheesy TV variety shows which proliferated during that time. Eydie’s warbling and on-screen likeability made her a popular performer on these wholesome family entertainments.

Eydie Gorme died on Saturday, August 10 in Las Vegas of undisclosed causes. Gorme is survived by husband Lawrence and a son, David. She was 84.



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