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July 18, 2014



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Jerry Reuss worked the room like worked the batters he faced in his 22-year career as a major-league pitcher. Like a consummate pro.

A crowd of over 200 gathered at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters a few nights ago to hear the veteran southpaw talk about his new book, Bring in the Right-Hander! It sounded like part testimony, part walk down memory lane, and part ‘aw-shucks’ local-boy-makes good. Reuss blended it all together expertly and made for a fine evening of baseball chat.

Reuss played high-school baseball for Rittenour High School in St. Louis, before being drafted by his home-town Cardinals in 1969. During his long career the pitcher played for high-profile teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds. A total of 8 different teams in all.


Along the journey came All-Star Games, World Series wins and no-hitters. Reuss recounted his career ups and downs to the audience  with self-deprecating humor and a great deal of charm. After the program, many told me that they had only a marginal interest in baseball, but Reuss’ talk fascinating.

Often after an author speaks and signs books,  he can be something like a robot, mechanically signing books with only a minimal engagement with his readers. Reuss was Mr. Personality, greeting each fan with a handshake and obliging them for pictures and sincere chat.

Bring in the Right-Hander is published by the University of Nebraska Press.


Blogmeister Sam and Jerry Reuss point to his new book!

Blogmeister Sam and Jerry Reuss point to his new book!



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