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June 9, 2014


Barbara Hale

Barbara Hale



Well, we sure love actress Barbara Hale here at The Funhouse! Hale had a full career in movies during the 1940s. She never was a huge star, but Barbara worked constantly and was popular with World War II audiences and a favorite pin-up girl of soldiers overseas.

She started under contract with RKO and later moved to Columbia.  None of her films will ever be preserved in a time capsule. She made programmers like The Falcon in Hollywood and Emergency Wedding. She did essay a couple of high-profiles roles in Jolson Sings Again (sequel to the hugely popular The Jolson Story). The Window, and The Boy with Green Hair.

It wasn’t until television arrived that she finally achieved super-stardom. As Della Street, Perry Mason’s (Raymond Burr’s) faithful secretary she played in 271 segments of the popular crime drama from 1957 until the series end in 1966.

Hale’s ‘Della’ was an integral part of Perry Mason’s success. Her character was cool, confident and the ultimate professional. There was nothing she could not do for her boss. She was every bit as interesting as Mason himself.

Barbara was married for 46 years to fellow actor Bill Williams. The couple had three children, one of which is another actor, William Katt.  Mother and son later worked together in a series of special Perry Mason TV movies in the 1980s and 1990s.

We’re happy to report Ms. Hale is still with us! Her old films still play on television and Perry Mason will continue to be rerun for decades to come. That gives the actress a well-deserved longevity enjoyed by few in her profession.



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