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May 27, 2015


stiller and meara

stiller and meara


Some of my earliest television-watching experiences were watching comedy team Stiller and Meara on the old Ed Sullivan Show. The Stoic One would point and introduce the duo and boom! they were off on another rapid-fire routine. They were funny, but not in a low-comedy sort of way. Their humor was more about people and relationships than it was punch lines.

They were the most famous married couple comedy team since George Burns and Gracie Allen. Much of their humor was observational, with much interplay regarding Stiller’s Jewishness and Meara’s Irish-Catholic sensibilities. They made an incredible 36 appearances on the Sullivan show.

When she and husband Jerry pursued solo careers, Meara worked constantly. ¬†What many tend to forget is what a marvelous dramatic actress Anne was. She appeared in good roles in such movies as Fame, The Boys from Brazil, The Daytrippers, and even in actor-son Ben’s comedy, A Night at the Museum.

I saw them both in person several years ago when they appeared as the keynote speakers at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival. What struck me most about them was that they had absolutely NO sense of ‘star’ ego. They hung outside with all the other smokers and chatted about their careers and other related topics. In many ways their casual conversation was more interesting than the formal speech they gave later! The one thing I recall was that they still nurtured a strong sense of hurt that they were omitted from an important documentary about the Sullivan show that had recently aired. It was evident hey were more wounded than angry.

Anne Meara was always a ‘plus’ to any film or television show she appeared in. Like her thousands of other fans, I’ll miss her a lot!











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