IMG_2242Sam Maronie, Pop-Culture Historian, Author, Archivist, Speaker and Blogmeister.

Sam Maronie has been writing and photographing pop culture events and Hollywood celebrities for over 40 years. Maronie is considered an expert on classic cinema and the comic-book industry, His work has appeared in Starlog, Fangoria, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Marvel’s Planet of the Apes and Savage Sword of Conan magazines in addition to many other genre publications. Mainstream periodicals include Seventeen Magazine and newspapers such as The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Detroit Free Press. His photographs have appeared in Alter-Ego, the Jack Kirby, King of the Comics coffee-table book, and Marvel Age, to list but a few.

Sam as amassed a collection of over 50,000 movie and pop-culture related images, which are available to publishers, archivists and entertainment producers. His archives were utilized for The Science-Fiction Trivia Book published by Byron Preiss as well as other book and magazine projects. A comic-book convention-goer since the mid-1970s, Maronie has built a library of literally thousands of photos of comics creators. The best of these classic photographs are being collected in book form, to be released in the coming months.

Maronie’s latest project, Sam Maronie’s Entertainment Funhouse, is a pop-culture blog utilizing Sam’s treasure trove of movie stills, comic-book content, personal memories of classic stars, and other special features found only on this site.

Sam is also the director of Maronie Creative Services, which provides clients with editorial and photo research services.